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Leaf it out

A happy accident I spotted on the way to work the other day. The council had painted these road markings without bothering to sweep away any debris resulting in a leaf washing away to reveal this ‘street art’.

Welcome to our new website

We like to update our website every one to two years at P&D to keep ahead of trends and technology. Our new website has more copy on the home page to improve SEO.

HTTPS as a Google ranking signal…

Google is starting to rank secure SSL certificated websites above those that aren’t in a move to encourage webmasters to make the web more secure. At the moment it only affects 1% of searches but it is a nod to what’s to come. P&D will change our site to HTTPS this week and will let you know […]

Feet apart

More work for the South London and Maudsley (SLaM) sees another poster, this time for the Psychosexual Service. It targets potential service users who are encouraged to request a referral from their GP. An accompanying leaflet with detail about the service was produced for the referrer.

Let’s talk therapy

Our work for the South London and Maudsley continues with the Forensic Intensive Psychological Treatment Service (FIPTS). It provides a range of talking therapies delivered mainly in a group environment. Our first piece of work for FIPTS, this A2 poster, targets referrers. The speech bubble theme is an approach we hope to campaign through to […]

Affordable and manageable charity brand identities

Brand identity can be a very difficult thing to manage and afford especially when you have a limited budget. So how does a charity communicate in a consistent and coherent voice, provide brand recall with their stakeholders and differentiate themselves within the sector? One way is to have a campaignable element in your brand toolkit […]

Funding + business planning + infrastructure + marketing + partnerships + skills + lifestyle =

…an attractive offer from Region Syddanmark (South Denmark). Syddanmark encourages entrepreneurial individuals and businesses in the health and technology sector to bring their ideas, discoveries and inventions to its burgeoning community. With the incentives listed above P&D explained the offer in this concertina folded brochure. The brochure was written by longtime P&D collaborator Mike Reed.