Encouraging community

The environment in which we live, or where we meet with others, can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and how we connect with our local community. We are beginning to invest in some projects across the county, with the aim of creating more accessible housing and community spaces.

By Lawrence Millar, Head of community spaces

Redevelopment of Manor Gardens

In 2015 we began working on plans to redevelop Manor Gardens in Barnwood (where the Trust began work in 1860 (yes, 1860!), setting up Barnwood House Hospital there).  We want to improve the housing that is already there and create some new housing. We want to create a great place to live where disabled people and people with mental health problems live alongside those with no disabilities, in housing that is accessible for everyone and with the support that people need.

We have now explored the feasibility in detail and invited partners to express interest in working with us on the project. During this exploratory work we have made the Manor House available as a base for disability advocacy groups.


We have worked alongside the housing and care sectors in the county. Through our professional practice workshops, professionals in planning and development roles have been challenged to ensure that the social sustainability of new developments is an integral part of the planning process.

For people working in care and support, workshops have provided training in implementing strength based practice: building on the strengths of individuals and communities to enhance the support networks of disabled people and people with mental health problems.

Investment in new community space projects

In 2015 we committed to investing in two new community space projects at The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury and Wotton-under-Edge Community Park. These projects are in areas where we have already been supporting inclusive community building and the physical space has provided a new focus for bringing the community together. Across the page is a bit more about what’s happening in Wotton-under-Edge.