Contentment supplied, installed and maintained


Early last year we designed a brand for Heart – the woodburner people  – based in Bristol. Since then we have been slowly rolling out on all manner of items including advertising and vans to name but two. We will be showcasing the brand very soon on this website but in the meantime here is a sneak preview of the matchbox slipcase leave-behind.

The brief was to think of a gift that could be given to the customer after a woodburner installation as both a way of thanks and a vehicle for keeping the contact details they need at hand for servicing and inquisitive friends or neighbours. A slipcase for a box of extra-long matches seemed like a practical and attractive keep-sake. Fashioned out of anodised aluminium the case was spring loaded to hold the box snuggly and open along one edge to allow the strike to be accessible. A laser-engraved Heart logo badged the item while the details on the reverse offered the call-to-action.