Family Lives

Family Lives, previously known as ParentlinePlus, has come along way since it started 15 years ago when it launched its free, 24-hour helpline to parents offering advice on everything from child birth to troubled teens. These days it has evolved to include online chat forums, personalised email support, face-to-face local support and a resource of printed and online advice targeted at immediate or extended family members. It had also grown out of their brand identity and Piers and Dominic were approached to look at the brand and its brand strategy.

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Working with Piers & Dominic has been an absolute pleasure. They took our organisation through a consultation process on brand and had unanimity from trustees down to our users. We’re very proud of what we do so wouldn’t entrust our identity to anyone lightly, we’re delighted with how Piers & Dominic have represented us, and are looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Jeremy Todd
Chief Executive, Family Lives