New England

‘New towns brought social and cultural changes to England in the 1970s and 1980s that were every bit as radical and challenging as the austerity of the 1950s and the Swinging Sixties. Chris Porsz took to the streets with his camera and captured the changing face and faces of a ‘new town’ during those turbulent years and New England is a collection of his powerful images. These compelling photographs reveal the resignation and resilience in the faces of people coming to terms with the promised opportunities and harsh realities of life in a new town during an often overlooked era.’

Using the title New England – to reflect this time of great change for the new town and to recognise an area in Peterborough where this period had great impact – Piers & Dominic set about curating images and fine tuning the concept.

We wanted the book to celebrate the rich and exciting culture of the time by showcasing the original town residents alongside the people who had migrated from London and all over the Commonwealth in search of employment and new lives. It also needed to reflect the new town’s resilience in a time of economic and political uncertainty and highlight the reaction to it. We felt this concept would resonate with everyone who lived through that time, up and down the country, particularly those from the new towns.

The book is available for sale at for £17.99 +pp. Those who are able to visit local bookshops including Waterstones in Peterborough can get it at the discounted price of £15.99. To see more of Chris’s extraordinary work visit his website at

The book was printed at Crucial Colour – special thanks to David Cole.

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The result is this beautiful book that I am proud of. I am immensely grateful Piers & Dominic and sorry for the hard time I have given you trying to choose the images.

Chris Porsz