South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Patient Information Award

SLaM (South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust) asked us to create a literature system for 50 service brochures and then extend this to other collateral including exhibition stands, banners, posters, advertisements and fliers.

We utilised an asset fairly unique to SLaM – the art created during occupational therapy sessions.

Photography is by the excellent David Hares.

Whittington Health NHS Trust

Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services for schools brochure. Photography is by Katie Hyams.


According to the NHS only 40% of the information received in a medical consultation is remembered by the service user. MyHealthLocker helps address this by offering service users the ability to review their health records and notes online, easily and securely. Plus, if there is an ongoing medical condition, such as high blood pressure, asthma or unstable blood sugar levels, MyHealthLocker offers widgets and applications for the user to record and chart their daily progress to review and share with their care team.

With the addition of activities, information and advice to help with everyday wellbeing, MyHealthLocker is an incredibly useful and powerful tool for the NHS and its service users.

Piers & Dominic were invited to purpose the information on the site to a user-friendly and intuitive hierarchy and design and stylesheet the website. We were also involved in a naming exercise and the design of the logo.

Initially available for a limited number of service users it is envisaged that it will be available to all NHS and private service users up and down the country.

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