Wellcome Collection

Piers & Dominic were commissioned to review the existing brand, review the brand hierarchy, reposition Wellcome Collection and develop a brand visual identity toolkit. Our mission was two-fold – to create tools sophisticated enough to satisfy the diverse needs of the services while improving the awareness of the full offer in the minds of the audience.

The examples shown are the first fruits of the repositioning project where the design team at Wellcome Trust have started to apply the new brand visual identity elements. These include; the first event brochure for Pain; two banners advertising two different offers; building map; What’s on guide; Youth Programme brochure. We will add more as and when they become available.

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The new Wellcome Collection brand is proving a joy to work with and the collateral that’s being rolled out looks fantastic. Piers and Dominic have done an amazing job and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Sam Hill
Brand Manager, Wellcome Collection