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Even though the Lumley logo was never updated this time around, Lumley’s new brand identity is an excellent case study to illustrate how brand works. The fact that the logo wasn’t touched makes it a worthy case study because it highlights the fact that brand is so much more than a logo.


Lumley has been an Insurance provider and underwriter for more than 100 years. In recent times a price war throughout the industry and international competition had damaged Lumley’s reputation and market share. Introduction of a new CEO in 2008 brought an opportunity to turn this around and put each part of the business under the microscope. To signal Lumley’s revitalised approach to doing business a refreshed brand identity was created.

Positioning statement


After looking at the brand definition, redefining Lumley’s values and behaviours and rewriting a value proposition, a brand personality was created to highlight Lumley’s difference in the marketplace. This process revealed that as a result of experience and expertise Lumley’s products and services have significant value-add benefits compared with competitors. This became the foundation for the brand strategy and using a single-minded proposition (SMP) of “more than” a positioning statement (here) and a secondary system (below) were created.

Updated colour palette


Lumley’s primary colour palette included a red that was very similar to a competitor, Vero, but for Lumley the red had a lot of heritage and equity. Rather than throw it away, and influenced by the SMP “more than”, we added a dark gradient to it. This not only differentiated Lumley from Vero but also gave Lumley a more premium feel.

Typographic refresh


Designed by Rob Holloway (team member)

A new font, Bree, was added to the secondary system. Meant for use as a display font only, the curvy nature of it makes it unique, approachable and unexpected and its quirks add that little bit extra.





Designed by Rob Holloway (team member)

The Lumley language is heavily influenced by the SMP “more than”. The language offers that little bit extra by using thought provoking word combinations that can be interpreted in more ways than one.

Double take


The Lumley photography is heavily influenced by the SMP “more than”. The photography offers that little bit extra by having a “double take”.



Designed by Libby Sinclair (team member)

With any client it is difficult to rely photography alone to illustrate the intricacies of their operations across all communications. Other times it may be prohibitive due to cost, medium or media. For Lumley we introduced cut-out icon style. Not only does this make Lumley feel approachable and human it also differentiates them from the competition with an ownable and easily recognised style.[/one_half]