We are a brand and design consultancy.

Our promise is to deliver commercially sound, intelligently researched and targeted, strategic, ideas-led communications that grab and keep the attention of our clients’ audiences.

We believe our service practises a thorough, open, inclusive, dependable, respectful and fair approach.

These are values we take seriously and they can be seen at every stage of our relationships with clients, partners or suppliers. They influence our behaviour:-

We’re fresh but never contrary

We are up-to-date, original and inventive but, above all, grounded.

We’re deft but we’re not Jack of All Trades

Our left hand knows what the right is doing and we can nimbly turn a hand to solve a problem. Yes, we’re dexterous but we know our strengths and when we don’t have the answer, we’ll say so and then go and find it.

We’re sound but we’re never dull

Our thinking has its ‘t’ crossed and its ‘i’s dotted and so will our solution. You can depend on that; like you can depend on us to be frank, detailed, discrete and fair.

We’re sharp but we’re not smart alecs

We love ideas that make people smile; whether they’re ours or not. It’s not a competition.

We’re modest but we’re no shrinking violets

After bigging ourselves up this far we realise this may sound like a joke, but ostentatious, gratuitous and pretentious we ain’t. If we think it’s worth saying we’ll say it but we always invite opinion. We like to use straightforward language and we never, ever, bullshit.